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Dock Day is scheduled for April 7th this year.

UPDATED March 26, 2015.

We're having a fish plant Friday March 27 at 7:30am. $4000 of Walleye, $1000 of minnows.

The Office is in need of a part time, seasonal office assistant. General office skills, customer service and some computer knowledge helpful. Please apply at the office. No phone calls please.

The invoices for our annual billing have been sent out. IF you had a dock last year and wish to priority reserve it for this year, make sure to include the fee with your payment. Also include the dock form.

The gates are locked on our parks now with the 3 main ice fishing parks of Birdie, Lincoln, and Essex. Chains will be on most of the remaining parks. Your launch key will gain you access. Please remember to lock them behind you when entering or leaving. I understand it is inconvenient but it will keep our fishery mostly to our members. Additionally, please make sure your member sticker is visible in the front window and if you have a guest's vehicle, stop by the office for a guest pass as we will be towing this winter. Thank you!


There has been great interest in the Fish Fund this year. Donations are currently being accepted. All the monies collected go into the account specifically earmarked for planting fish in Lake Isabella. Call the office or stop by for the donation paperwork. Thanks!

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REMINDER: A permit is required for all new seawall work. On previously permited structures, 25% of the facing and 100% of the cap can be repaired without a permit. For Lakefront Property Owners, there is to be RipRap (Rocks) at the base of your seawalls for any new or repaired seawalls, per DEQ Rules as of January 2012.


Annual Membership Dues $195
Annual Maintenance Fee per Lot $30

Priority Dock Fees:
Seawall - $40
Regular - $30

Camping Fees:
Member - $15 per night
Guests - $25 per night
Primitive - $15 p/night

Weekly Rates:
Member - $90 per week
Guest - $150 per week
Monthly rate - MEMBERS ONLY $225

Seasonal Rate - MEMBER ONLY $600
Memorial Day to Labor Day.

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