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Board of Director Meeting Minutes


Clean up Day: Saturday, June 25. We will gather at the LIPOA office at 9:30 am. We would like to clear the roadway along Queens Way to Dequesa (the 5k route) and also send a few people to each park. If you live near a park and would like to help clean it up, stop in Saturday morning. Many hands make light work! We will provide bags for picking up trash. Call the office with any questions/suggestions.

June 13-14, 2016 Lake Spray Posting

The Annual Membership Meeting was attended by 86 memberships (only one vote per membership) but we had a full house! All bylaw changes have been accepted. The new version of the bylaws will be posted on the website. We have new directors on the Board. Welcome to Alain Shannon, Norman Burmeister and John Gilbert.

Now that the meeting is over, it is time to get registered for the 5k on July 2. There is a link to the form on this page.

2016 5k Registration Form

Donations are currently being accepted. All the monies collected go into the account specifically earmarked for planting fish in Lake Isabella. John Eberhart coordinates the funds and planting. See the link to the 2016 information letter and donation form below.

2016 Fish Fund Letter and Donation form

The Village has adopted an ordinance in regards to ORV's and golf cart use in the village limits. Village Ordinance for ORV-Golf Carts

We have information on some tree diseases that are affecting Michigan trees. There is a link below to different kinds of wilt and canker.
Cytospra Canker Fact Sheet

Dutch Elm Information
Oak Wilt Information
Vert Wilt Information

The final lake spray was completed on August 24, 2015.

BOATER SAFETY: TRAVEL COUNTER-CLOCKWISE WHEN UNDERWAY. If everyone else seems to be going the "other way" then you may be going backwards to counter-clockwise. It's for your safety, safe boating practices, as well as being State of Michigan Law.


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REMINDER: A permit is required for all new seawall work. On previously permited structures, 25% of the facing and 100% of the cap can be repaired without a permit. For Lakefront Property Owners, there is to be RipRap (Rocks) at the base of your seawalls for any new or repaired seawalls, per DEQ Rules as of January 2012.


Annual Membership Dues $195
Annual Maintenance Fee per Lot $30

Priority Dock Fees:
Seawall - $40
Regular - $30
Dock day and after, April 12th 2016
Seawall - $20
Regular - $10

Camping Fees:
Member - $15 per night
Guests - $25 per night
Primitive - $15 p/night

Weekly Rates:
Member - $90 per week
Guest - $150 per week
Monthly rate - MEMBERS ONLY $225
Seasonal Rate - MEMBER ONLY $600
Memorial Day to the weekend after Labor Day.
$5 per night after that until October 31st.


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